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Fourfold competence

Product development

It is Möhlenhoff's tradition to give R&D ultimate priority. Already today, we are committed to the technologies of tomorrow. Our development activities are closely adhered to the requirements of our customers and markets in order to ensure the conversion of new technologies to customer benefit-oriented, innovative products and systems.

For this, we use state-of-the-art technology, in-house R&D facilities, highly trained employees, and a co-operation with universities.

Numerous patent and industrial design applications prove the incessant creativity of our company.



Our know-how is based on many years of experience of our employees with respect to the development and manufacturing of control devices and control systems. As OEM, we transfer our knowledge and our capacities to our customers, thus allowing the extension of competitive advantages and the opening of new market potentials.

Möhlenhoff has accredited facilities for test, inspection and simulation at its disposition, empowering our high quality and innovation standards. Endurance tests ensure the accuracy of our statements about product durability, service life, and robustness.



For our customers, the decision for a product made by the company Möhlenhoff as well as a partnership with our company always means a decision for quality and service. We apply the term quality to everything we do and perform. Our standard for quality is the unconditional satisfaction of our customers; this is the guideline for all our business procedures and workflows.

We ensure this high quality standard with a modern management system and a distinct awareness of quality and environment of our employees.



State-of-the-art production technology and a meaningful amount of automation allows us to fulfil customer orders in time and to ensure a 100% functional test at the same time.

An essential component of the quality of our products and services are qualified, committed and motivated employees. Team-oriented working structures bundle their potentials and mobilise new powers.