Room-by-room ventilation control

Superior air quality is vital to a good indoor climate.

OEM Alpha Air

The first room-by-room, needs-based ventilation for homes

Möhlenhoff’s OEM Alpha Air is the first room-by-room, needs-based volume flow control for homes. The autonomous control system provides excellent air quality anywhere, anytime in the home.

The system is compatible with smart home and can be used as fresh air heating. The air requirement is adjusted on a room-by-room basis by volume flow control in combination with room sensors. As a result, Alpha Air provides perfect air but is low on power consumption too.

The first room-by-room, needs-based ventilation for homes

How OEM partners can benefit

  • Complements previous central whole-house ventilation systems on the market
  • Air requirements are adapted on a room-by-room basis via volume flow control and room sensors
  • Integration of the ventilation system into the Alpha IP smart home system
  • The system can be configured at various levels to suit customer preferences: from smart home connectivity to fresh air heating

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