Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

Easy-to-assemble supply and exhaust air ventilation systems and components

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Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

Ideal solutions and components

Energy-efficient buildings with professionally insulated and airtight building envelopes require modern supply and exhaust air ventilation systems. As an OEM partner for ventilation technology, we can offer you complete, coordinated air distribution systems for central home ventilation.

All our systems are suitable for new builds and refurbishing flats on several storeys as well as detached and semi-detached houses or apartment buildings. Our product range offers a whole host of technical highlights in terms of installation, handling, hygiene and maintenance.

  • 2 supply/exhaust air distribution systems can be selected and partially combined: flat duct, round tube 75
  • Matching components such as adjustable air distributors, supply and exhaust air components for floor, wall and ceiling mounting for any duct system
  • Grating for floors and walls

KWL Product Programm

Air distribution systems


Product description

Flat plastic ducts with low installation heights convey large quantities of air.
Flat ducts are ideal for floor screed.

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Product description

The very flexible plastic duct moves vast quantities of air and is suitable for rough concrete.

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OEM Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery


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Superior installation

  • Simple plug-in connections for faster installation
  • Components can be cut to size
  • Space-saving installation: ventilation devices with horizontal and/or vertical air connections, the air distributor allows connections from both sides
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Superior hygiene

  • Easy to clean thanks to large access openings on the air distributor
  • The system duct’s inner lining has an antistatic and antibacterial coating
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Service for OEM partners

First-class service such as in-depth documentation and service hotline

Shaping the future together

Perhaps you have your own ideas about your range or questions about our portfolio? Then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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