Smart Home

An intelligent home automation system for greater comfort in homes and energy savings.

OEM Alpha IP

The whole world of smart home

Our OEM Alpha IP offers customers the ideal gateway to the smart home segment. The intelligent home automation system offers more comfort, security and energy efficiency.

At the same time, the OEM Alpha IP is impressive because it’s intuitive to operate and child’s play to fit. The whole system is based on the Homematic IP protocol, the leading communications standard in the smart home segment. This future-proof, modular and open approach makes the OEM Alpha IP the perfect solution for preparing for the internet of things.

Intelligent interconnection

The ideal gateway to interconnected homes

Whether it’s a case of a radiator-based, electric or underfloor heating system, the OEM Alpha IP provides professional control solutions for all heating systems. As a result, the system’s a good choice for both existing and new buildings. The product range also offers security, lighting and shade control solutions. The ideal gateway to interconnected homes.

OEM Service for you

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