OEM Alpha direct Balance base station by Möhlenhoff: room-by-room control with automatic hydraulic balancing

Energy efficiency, living comfort and cost savings

Salzgitter, March 2021 – Möhlenhoff’s new OEM Alpha direct Balance base station is a central connection unit for all components of its room-by-room control system, OEM Alpha direct: System. It can be used to implement demanding heating and cooling tasks – and the German Technical Inspection Authority-certified (TÜV) base station also takes care of the hydraulic balancing of the heating system, saving the user time and money.
The new OEM Alpha direct Balance base station by Möhlenhoff is the central connection unit and power supply for all components of the proven room-by-room control system, OEM Alpha direct: System. Thanks to simple plug-in and clamping technology, actuators and controllers are conveniently and clearly connected to the base. “In the new Balance version of our proven OEM Alpha direct base, which is ideal for both new buildings and renovation, we offer our customers a certified product that meets today’s energy standards,” says Eckhard Cramme, Sales Manager at Möhlenhoff. By combining the control and basic variants to create a room-by-room control system, the user can meet both simple and complex requirements for heating and cooling applications.
Automatic control
The Building Energy Act (GEG) states that hydraulic balancing of the heating system is necessary to adjust specific volume flows – and is required by law in Germany for new buildings and renovations. The new base station of the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning company performs this task automatically, without the need to connect additional hardware such as contact sensors. This not only increases energy efficiency and improves living comfort, it also helps the user to save money, because the time-consuming manual calculation of the adjustment by the installer is eliminated. The control algorithm achieves at least as good a result as conventional hydraulic balancing and is certified by the TÜV Rheinland.
To compensate for missing or incorrectly performed hydraulic balancing of the individual heating circuits, the system uses software-based load balancing. Thanks to this intelligent algorithm, an even heat distribution is achieved in every room. The control characteristics of the maintenance-free system ensure automatic balancing of the flow rate in the connected heating circuits. This saves users energy and costs. By temporarily decoupling individual heating zones, the base station also performs automatic load balancing to improve the hydraulic balance of the heating system and ensure the best possible system operation. The wired base station is compatible with all commercially available controllers and actuators – and the new component can do even more, because by inverting the controller signal, a cooling function is also possible, even with standard heating controllers.
Easy to apply for BAFA funding
Das OEM Alpha direct: System has been approved by the Federal German Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) for a subsidy thanks to its energy savings through balancing. Users can easily apply for funding via the Forum for Energy Efficiency in Building Technology e.V. (Forum für Energieeffizienz in der Gebäudetechnik e. V., VdZ) and receive a 45% subsidy on their net investment.
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Image 1: The new OEM Alpha direct Balance base station from Möhlenhoff automatically carries out balancing of the heating system. This increases energy efficiency, enhances living comfort and saves costs.

Image 2: All the highlights and product information of the new OEM Alpha direct Balance base station, plus more innovations and product highlights from Möhlenhoff can now be experienced interactively in our virtual showroom.