OEM Modbus RTU Converter

The communications interface for smart buildings

OEM Modbus RTU Converter

The perfect connection to digital building management systems

Möhlenhoff’s RTU Modbus converter is a digitalisation solution for building management systems. It can also connect analogue thermal and/or motoric valve actuators to a digital RS485 system. Because compact valve actuators can be used, the Modbus converter is ideal in confined spaces.


OEM Modbus RTU Converter

Smart, digital and versatile

  • Different valve actuators are controlled by one register structure
  • Through-wiring of operating voltage and serial data bus in slave mode
  • Through-wired RS-485 inputs and outputs
  • Modbus RTU data protocol communication
  • 1 Modbus address = 2 actuators and 2/4 sensors
  • Future bus/protocol changes possible without valve actuator replacement
  • Soon switchable to BACnet MS/TP
  • Remote maintenance of all valves
  • Reports on short circuits, malfunctioning valves or valve actuators
  • Valve-position monitoring

Technical Information

OEM Modbus RTU Converter


IP 54 at a 360° installation angle

  • Patented sealing method
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • All live components are waterproof

Simple installation

  • Standardised cables
  • M12 and M8 plugs
  • Quick fitting of valve actuators and sensors

LED all-round function indicator

  • Constant performance check
  • Multicolour LED
  • Waterproof

Flexible connection options

  • Up to 24 converters can be activated in series (extension possible)
  • Thermal and motoric valve actuators supported
  • Connection of passive thermistors and/or active sensors
  • Temperature, pressure, humidity, CO2 and other parameters are measured

Compact and robust

  • Compact casing made of durable polycarbonate
  • Space-saving installation
  • Integrated installation grooves

Plug-in connection cable

  • Prefabricated, easy-to-use cables
  • Halogen-free cable, including an M8 plug and a M12 jack
  • Available in different lengths

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