The story

How one man’s small idea grew into something big – Möhlenhoff GmbH

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Hellmuth Möhlenhoff bei der Präsentation des ersten Konvektors
Möhlenhoff GmbH

Modern by tradition

Today, Möhlenhoff stands for innovative and practical products that have established themselves in the heating and control technology market worldwide. To meet new challenges, research and development has, and will always, take top priority.

And it all started with one single remark:

I want to perform, I want to create!

Hellmuth Möhlenhoff

Company founder
A new generation at the helm

Andreas Möhlenhoff

Following the death of his father, Andreas Möhlenhoff applied his entrepreneurial vision and put his heart and soul into turning the small business into an industrial global player.

Today, as in the past, our workforce’s goal is to live up to the mission and goal declared by the former shareholder and CEO each and every day:


Foto von Andreas Möhlenhoff

We’ll delight our customers and partners with a range of innovative Möhlenhoff products. At the same time we want to surpass their desire for convenience, engineering and design and stick in their minds as a company with durable, high-quality products”.


Andreas Möhlenhoff

Former partner and CEO (1990-2011)
Collage mit alten Fotos des ersten Geschäfts von Helmuth Möhlenhoff
Once upon a time...

The story of Möhlenhoff

One thing our story shows is that a small idea can gather momentum in a way nobody involved at the beginning could have predicted.
As a result, a small electrical products business in Salzgitter-Salder became a world market leader.


From the beginnings until today

A timeline

Dual leadership at Möhlenhoff: Stefan Söllner joins the management board and now leads the company in cooperation with Frank Geburek.

Launch of the OEM Alpha Smart System for smart home technology.

Foundation of a service company for software development in Braunschweig: Wolkenmacher GmbH

Establishment of a new production facility and a sales company in China.

Entwicklung von OEM Service-Leistungen für Cloud- und App-Lösungen. 2018

Development of OEM services for cloud and app solutions.

Frank Geburek wird alleiniger Geschäftsführer, Martina Möhlenhoff bildet gemeinsam mit Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Horst Wildemann und Christopher Schönberger den Aufsichtsrat

Frank Geburek becomes sole managing director while the company continues to be family-owned by the shareholders Martina and Marc Möhlenhoff. Martina Möhlenhoff also forms the supervisory board together with Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Horst Wildemann and Christopher Schönberger.

Gründung eines neuen Produktions­standortes in Polen 2015

A new production site founded in Poland.

Markteinführung des Alpha direct Systems 2014

Market launch of the OEM Alpha 2: system.

Markteinführung des OEM Antrieb 5 2013

Market launch of the OEM Actuator 5. - with only 1 watt power consumption it is the most innovative and attractively priced valve drive worldwide.

Martina Möhlenhoff und Frank Geburek leiten die Firma 2012

Martina Möhlenhoff and Frank Geburek manage the family-run business based on Andreas Möhlenhoff´s philosophy.

Andreas Möhlenhoff verstarb 2011

Andreas Möhlenhoff dies in February 2011 aged 50 after a long illness.

Ausbau der Fertigung 2009

Expansion of production facilities in Salzgitter. New and redeveloped production facilities and office buildings.

Entwicklung von OEM Antrieb und OEM Regler

Market launch of the OEM Actuator and OEM Thermostat.

Zertifizierung im Bereich Qualität

A quality management system is set up.

Entwicklung der Alpha Basis 1999

Market launch of the Alpha Base product family.

Der erste Alpha Antrieb 1997

The first Alpha Actuator is launched.

Entwicklung des Alpha Reglers 1995

The Alpha Thermostat is launched.

Die Entwicklung des ersten DDC-Antriebs 1994

The first DDC valve drive is developed.

Andreas Möhlenhoff in der Fertigung 1990

Andreas Möhlenhoff takes over the running of the business after the unexpected death of Hellmuth Möhlenhoff.

Die erste Antriebsgeneration 1983

The first thermal valve drive is developed. The development of room-by-room temperature control for underfloor heating and a control distributor follow.

Präsentation des ersten Konvektors 1970 von Helmuth Möhlenhoff

The first electronic underfloor convector to deflect cold air in large windows is developed and serves as a model for many other manufacturers.

Ladengeschäft von Hellmuth Möhlenhoff anfang der 50er Jahre

At the age of 25 Hellmuth Möhlenhoff starts his career and takes over a business for electronic items in Salzgitter-Salder.