Room-by-room temperature control

The definition of tomorrow’s smart room-by-room temperature control in unbeatable quality. The OEM Alpha 2: System is a multipurpose, turnkey, room-by-room temperature control system for a diverse range of heating and cooling applications.

OEM ALPHA 2: System

A system that ticks all the boxes.

The OEM Alpha 2: System is available as both a wireless and BUS solution. The basic version already offers all the convenience that users require.

Numerous inputs and outputs, as well as measurement and control functions, guarantee flawless and energy-efficient interaction of the system with external devices and equipment. The addition of new modules to the OEM Alpha 2: System ensures that functionality consistently grows in order to cover future applications too.

Because it’s smart home ready, the OEM Alpha 2: System can be integrated easily into existing home automation systems and controlled conveniently via smartphones, tablets or computers.

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