Room-by-room temperature control

The right system for any requirements. From a simple control unit to a fully-fledged, intelligent, room-by-room control system for a whole range of heating and cooling applications.

Room-by-room temperature control

A one-stop solution

Our room-by-room temperature control components and systems let you adapt your hydronic underfloor heating to your needs precisely. Combining the control and basic variants to create a single room-by-room temperature control system meets both the simple and complex requirements of heating and cooling applications and provides pleasant temperatures in each room.
Whether you’re looking for traditional, wired room-by-room temperature control or app-driven systems, you can find the right solution here.


OEM Alpha direct: System

OEM Alpha direct: System

The traditional, wired, room-by-room temperature control solution for hydronic underfloor heating.



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OEM Alpha Smart System


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