Actuator technology

Our tried-and-tested OEM Actuator 5 allows reliable and precise control of virtually any valve.

OEM Actuator 5

The number one choice for thermal valve actuators.

As a global market leader, we offer an extensive product range of thermal and motoric valve actuators for underfloor heating/cooling and building control systems. Our hi-tech actuators stand apart for their compact designs, excellent quality, sophisticated functionality, long service lives and easy assembly.


Control monitoring

The display indicates the actuator has been correctly fitted to the valve. As a result, you can be certain that the actuator’s working perfectly.

Guaranteed protection from overvoltage

Due to its patented design, the OEM Actuator 5 offers overvoltage protection of 2.5 kV.

360° assembly

All live components are protected from water penetrating, making assembly from any angle possible.

IP 54 protection from water spray

The patented sealing method keeps external water spray out.

First-open function

When the OEM actuator’s delivered, the first-open function means that it’s opened without any current applied. This allows a building to be heated while the structural work is being carried out.

Snap-on fitting

Tool-free assembly without any accessories – just click it in for a perfect fit.

Valve adaptor system

Suitable for 99% of all valves

Thanks to Möhlenhoff’s valve adaptor system, our actuators are ideal for 99% of all valves worldwide. Therefore, we can guarantee reliable and precise control of virtually any valve.

The market’s most energy-efficient actuator.

The OEM Actuator 5 has the lowest energy consumption in its category. With power consumption of just 1 W, the world’s leading actuator consumes approx. 45% less energy than the previous model and, what’s more, it’s produced in an especially resource- and eco-friendly manner.

OEM service to set you apart

Giving you a competitive edge

Our OEM Actuator 5 allows you to stand out on the market. The product combines both high quality and a unique look. We can offer you lots of ways of making your product distinctive and helping with marketing.

We’ll liaise closely with you to find the perfect solution to suit your requirements. Why not draw on our experience and see for yourself?

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